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Hi, friends!  


I'm Joan Tylecki,  Clinical Herbalist &  CBNS-certified, licensed Nutritionist. I'm happily based out of my native Delaware beaches, where I offer one-on-one professional consultations to help you optimize your wellbeing!!   


I believe in personalized care, and work with all of my clients to determine effective, appropriate, individualized practices, to fully support every facet of your well-being.   We co-create them together to make sure they're a fit for your lifestyle.  When you walk through my door, you are a whole person; never a label or diagnosis!!   


I have extensive training in both scientific research as well as the traditional uses of plants & foods, which inform my recommendations on appropriate use of herbs & nourishment.  I enjoy supporting humans of all ages & stages and have helped clients ranging from fresh out of the oven through their great eighties.   It's my special pleasure to support women (including pregnant & lactating women) and children, and to help cultivate optimal fertility in mamas- & papas-to-be.  


It is my great pleasure to offer herbal alternatives for the kinds of symptoms that often slip through the cracks of allopathic medical care:  things labeled "syndrome", "chronic", "disorder".  If you've heard "that's just the way it is", well, that may be so.  From the perspective of  your care provider, they are giving you the best care their system of medicine has to offer.  If that doesn't work for you, if you wonder what else is possible, if you're truly ready to change, I invite you... come see me.   See what benefits thousands of years of human tradition use plus modern research can provide!   When this knowledge percolates through the filters of my clinical training and your motivation to live the life that wants to live in you, we arrive somewhere uniquely special:


"Vis medacatrix naturae --  Where the magic happens!  This is the line between the spontaneous forces tending to recovery and the effects of the practitioner's intervention.(Parsons 1951).  


While there is no national certification for herbalists, I earned a Masters of Science in Herbal Medicine from the fully accredited Maryland University of Integrative Health.  This 3-year, full-time, 85-credit program covered extensive ground in physiology, nutrition, herbal therapeutics, herbal medicine-making, and advanced healing arts, including hundreds of hours of supervised practice in the MUIH wellness clinic.


"I know you're tired,
but come. This is the way." -


Joan Tylecki, MS, CNS, LDN

Joan Tylecki

18522 Little Goat Lane

Lewes, DE 19958
Tel: (302) 245-0691


Clinical Services 
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