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How the clinical consultation works...


Food, herbal, and lifestyle enhancements to correct imbalances and bring you joy!

1.Booking & New Client Intake Form


First, schedule our Initial Consultation using the "Book Now" button above. 

Enter your information and select a date & time that works for you. 

Second, complete the mandatory New Client Intake form.  

Download the form under the Purchase/Download tab.  Then, undertake the good work of giving that form your undivided, reflective attention.   It will probably take around 45 minutes to complete. This is an essential component of beginning the healing work we'll do together!   Scan it & e- (or snail-) mail it back to me so that I have it at least 2 days prior to our first meeting, preferably a week before.  If you're feeling extra efficient, download & complete the Consent to Services form, too.

Please bring any relevant labwork, copies of testing, bloodwork that's been done recently to our Initial Consultation.   

I feel personally honored to be assisting you in starting your healing journey, & I'm looking forward to meeting you!

2.Meeting, Assessment, Plan


During our Initial Consultation, we'll spend time getting to know one another and developing mutual respect and trust.  We'll devote time to doing a thorough review of your body systems and how they're working for you.  I will ask more deeply into any questions that have arisen during my review of your intake form.  We'll cover, diet, exercise, social practices, spirituality, environmental inputs, living conditions... basically, your relationship with your life and all its moving parts, including, of course, your primary reasons for coming in!


We will discuss what we believe to be the root of what is going on and focus on both broad and specific means for helping you affect the changes you're looking to make.   


I do not tell you what to do.  I am an educated resource about foods, and herbs, and the human body.  However, no one on this planet knows YOUR human body better than you!   Let's design an approach together which encompasses your lifestyle, priorities, and budget.   We'll combine our expertise and invite amazing things to happen!  


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Herbal formulae_edited.jpg
2014-11-28 2014-12-24 001 005.JPG
3.Herbal formulas, foods, lifestyle


My job is not to diagnose or treat disease.  I am here as a partner to educate you about how to use foods, herbs, and lifestyle choices to soothe occasional imbalances and design a way of living that brings you ease!!!   I custom-blend herbs for YOU, not for a diagnosis or disease label. 


You will leave at the end of the consultation with whichever of the following we deem essential:  herbal powders, tinctures, or teas to restore the occasional imbalance or discomfort you're experiencing; educational handouts; answers to questions about the way your body works; recommendations for foods which can support your specific concerns; homework assignments for our next visit; referrals to other practitioners and modalities to complement our work together; and an idea of how long it will likely take for your body to develop a relationship with the herbs/ foods/ lifestyle changes you're working with.

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