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My Philosophy


We exist here in these bodies to be true to our hearts' desires.  When  we listen carefully, we notice that  our hearts aren't really whispering (often :) )  for another cookie!   They're actually guiding us to live harmoniously with that which fulfills us and to encourage the fulfillment of others.  I'm speaking about the kind of pleasure that comes with knowing you've truly connected with another human being or acted in a way that brings them possibility, hope, and ease where there was none for them before you acted to make it otherwise.  This is a gift of bringing joy to togetherness by doing what you do best.  Do you excel at making others laugh?  At making tax paperwork sensible?  At providing one-on-one listening?  There's something in you  bursting at the seams of your heart to live authentically in this way.  We're gonna let it!  


I'm here to wake you up to who you really are!  Do you remember the joy of being a child?  We are all designed to live in joy like that, every day!  Together, we can recover your connection to the deep spirit you were born with.  My work is to help encourage your curiosity and understanding of the way your body works.  There are no symptoms that are just random.  Nature is an organic whole, and everything is related to everything else.  You are part of nature's organic whole.  Examining your relationships with the world is a large part of our work.  My job is to teach you to listen to the infinite wisdom of the messages your body is sending you.  If you're willing to learn, I can help you notice triggers in your life so you can work towards preventing the occurrence of many of the discomforts you regularly experience.  

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