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Clinical Services
This beautiful process begins before we even meet when you spend approximately 45 minutes completing the New Client Intake form. Once I have received that, we can schedule your first appointment.  Before you even enter the consultation room, I do an incredibly detailed review of your intake form and begin researching for you!  Services are listed separately on this page, however, you don't actually book different appointments for them; during each clinical consultation with Plant Wisdom Within, LLC, your care may include food, herbal, and lifestyle enhancements to correct imbalances and bring you joy! 
Herbal Consultations

The real fun begins when we sit together and I begin to really get to know you and which herbal allies to match you with for optimal support.   Ideally, we'll meet at least 3 times. The first visit is typically 2-3 hours, the second is 1-1.5 hours & the 3rd & following are typically around 45 minutes.   Formulas are custom-compounded to work with your lifestyle and finances.  

Teas, tinctures, powders, educational materials, tips & tricks, 


Holistic Nutritional Counseling

My focus is on supporting your body in establishing joyful relationships with whole foods rather than prescribing lab-synthesized supplements.    We explore eating habits and patterns, emotional relationships with foods, gastrointestinal system strengths and challenges, and establish goals to support your lifestyle.   

Recipes, tips & tricks, nutritional education, foods to support health challenges, re-establishing gut health, where to find ingredients locally, health-positive cooking practices


Wellness Coaching

Skillful training in the healing arts and client-centered care allows me to ask questions and frame conversations in ways that gently, effectively invite change.  I will encourage you to take steps that put in place permanent practices so that you can live, comfortably, peacefully, joyfully, the life you want to live!


Deep Listening

You have the focus of my undivided attention during our intensive one-on-one consultations.  Everything about our time together says, "settle in, stay awhile; let's get to the heart of what's going on".  There are no 15-minute turn-&-burn consultations here!   I work to understand as much about who you are, how your life works, what it's like to live in your body as I can.  The more we uncover about where you are right now, the more skillfully we can help you arrive -and persist in- a place of comfort and wellness.  


Plant Wisdom Within, LLC maintains a small apothecary onsite in order to provide you with the herbal support you need when you need it!   Apothecary services are available only to current clients with a detailed case history on file.   This ensures that the herbs you receive are optimized for safety and effectiveness.  All formulas are custom compounded...unique individual blends for unique individual YOU!   

Teas, Liquid Extracts (tinctures), and Powders


Herbal Products

Custom formulations tailored to suit your unique physiology and symptom profile are available to clients for a batch production fee.  Great care, great ingredients (organic, wildcrafted, sustainably sourced), lots of time, and powerfully good intention lovingly combine to produce each batch.  I sometimes have extra on hand from a batch -- ask if you're interested in purchasing! 

Skin Care Formulas, Herbal Personal Care Products, Herbal Oils, Salves, Balms, Nut Butter Balls, Herb Jellos, Herb Popsicles, Cordials, Elixirs, Suppositories, Gels, Creams, Lotions, Deodorant, After-sun care, Insect Repellent, Post-partum Care products, Baby Care products, etc. 


Off-site Educational Programming

Time permitting, I can travel to provide classes, lectures, & demonstrations for a pre-arranged fee (assessed based on complexity of programming requested, research & preparation necessary to meet your request, and time/travel commitment necessary)

Herb walks, Cooking demos, Herbal product-making demos, Intro to Herbalism, Mama/ Baby care, Herbal support of physiological systems, etc.  If you have an interest in a particular topic, simply ask if I can teach it!  :) 



Initial Consultation: 2-3 hours - $190.oo**

  • Detailed case history

  • In-depth assessment of body systems & food habits

  • Energetic assessment

  • Herbal Recommendations 

  • Nutrition Recommendations

  • Co-created path of practice plan for gaining wellbeing

  • Educational materials


Second Consultation: 1-2 hours - $120.oo**

  • Assessment of changes implemented since last visit

  • Energetic assessment

  • Refinement of Herbal & Nutritional Recommendations 

  • Co-created path of practice plan for gaining wellbeing

  • Educational materials

Follow-up Consultations: 45-ish minutes - $90.oo**

  • Assess continued progress toward health goals

  • Energetic assessment

  • Re-focus short-term plan to meet long-term standards of well-being

  • Herbal & Dietary Recommendations as appropriate 


Off-site Educational Programming Fees - hourly or day rate assessed

**Extended / involved visits will be billed to appropriately reflect practitioner's time.

The cost of your custom herbal formula will vary.  

With flexibility, we can choose herb forms which help keep cost agreeable.

* Special combo pricing for commitment to 3 or more visits is available. 

Clients are saying...


"The plants helped me sleep! 

I have been working wth Joan for about two months - I came to her with severe insomnia and anxiety.  Since our initial meeting, I take a mixture of teas, powders, and tinctures throghout the day and evening faithfully.  Almost since the first day, I have been able to fall asleep on my own as a result of my new practice.  Prior to seeing her, I had not been able to sleep without a sleep aid for approximately 6 months.  Since I sleep better, my anxiety is also reduced.  I highly recommend this amazing lady!!!”

-Amy Shupard 

Joan, you do wonders. I am grateful for your compassionate attention and consideration of my whole being. You take in the full story...body, mind, spirit. The teas & tinctures you create for me bring about a true feeling of wellness, calm and gentle support. I love what they do for me. And more than that, I love the space you provide for wellness. Literally, your office is an intentional healing place that makes me feel welcome. And the care you give offers me support and space for my own healing. 

-Jenny -  Dance/Yoga Educator, Writer

Allergies -

I feel a tiny bit of sinus congestion sometimes, now since spring is here. Other than that I feel nothing. Ever since I started taking the infusion you prescribed to me two years ago I have felt a whole world of difference. As always, thank you!!!!


Joan-I want to let you know how much I appreciated our time together in the clinic space.  You have such a calm, nurturing and confident healing presence, and I appreciate so much how you've taught me to listen to my body and become my own healer.  Working with you has given me inspiration and helped me discover the type of herbalist I hope to be when I enter clinic!

-Betsy Costilo, Client/Herbalist Intern

Joan, thanks for taking the time to meet with me today.  I really enjoyed our sessions and look forward to more.  I really love your site. Very nice layout and very informative.

-Natalie Hood

Just wanted to say that the Herbal Medicine Show was a huge success! Who knew the wide range of products one could make with herbs!  I was so impressed with everyone's creativity and knowledge! It was amazing! Joan, I loved your elixirs!  Your vibrant smile and energy always makes me smile! can't wait to make an appointment for a consultation

-Kathy Twombly, Acupuncture Clinical Intern

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