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Can I fix you?  Can a doctor fix you?   An herbalist?  A therapist?  Another margarita? No. Nope, uh-uh.  There's no easy way out of this one.  Growing a vibrant you requires practice!   So, then, why see a practitioner at all?  




Sometimes you require a catalyst for change, a great encourager.  A skilled teacher and phenomenal herbal allies can give you a nudge when you're stuck.  I can give you the seeds to plant.  Your job is to make fertile soil & tend them so they grow strong & fill your life with beauty.  Are you ready for...


The Therapeutic Relationship


You have the focus of my undivided attention during our intensive one-on-one consultations.  I'm very interested in meeting you where you are and learning what life is like lived from within your body, from your perspective.  You are warmly invited to experience the benefit of viewing your life through my lens.   Together we can design you a beautiful garden of life!

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